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Why You Need Step Forward

Because you just finished your studies and landed into the job market, or in a new job, and you cannot progress because you don't know the things that count yet.

Knowing "What and How" to do the right things from the beginning is always a great start, instead of begging for knowledge and waiting for someone to teach us.

Nobody was born knowing everything. We all learned things by using our senses,: listening, watching, doing. Having access to the right tools it's the key point.

This is the opportunity to learn these things, now is time to step up.

You Will Add Value, you will

 Identify the key point

knowing exactly on what to focus in every situation by being always one step ahead.

Show your real value

doing the things in the right way and going above and beyond than expected.

Highlight your potential

demonstrating that you have the knowledge and you are the person they are looking for.

Take your reward

climbing the ladder and getting that promotion faster than you expected, and ready for the next step. 

Don't wait for the right moment....just do it!

John is a Supervisor, and there is a vacancy for a Manager position. He wants that position but he still struggle to deliver because even if he knows the theory he doesn't have the confidence to progress.

He knows that he can do the job, but the company hired a person that showed the knowledge, a title from a Business School and experience.

It sounds familiar, isn't it? Well, there are a good news and bad news. The bad news is that shortcuts don't exist. The good news is that you can get knowledge and experience at once. Now.

Get instant access to Step Forward now!

Here is the Promotion you were waiting for, how to show your value from the first moment. Competition is hard, first arrived first served. Just be the First. 

5 Simple Steps to...

Boost Your career, your job, your potential

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DANA MOORE  //  Designer

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The best kinds of testimonials are ones that tell a small story and include specific details. This is much more powerful than a generic testimonial that simply say "I love this product!" or something similarly vague.

MARC JACOBS  //  Business Analyst

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A text section like this is great for describing your product in detail and telling a story about the benefits it will bring to a customer. It is also a good idea to address potential objections that are on your reader's mind (e.g. "will this really work for me?") in text sections like this.

Product Overview Section

The purpose of this section is to provide an overview of your product. This could be an outline of chapters in your ebook, lessons in your course, modules in your coaching program etc. The reader should come away from this with a very clear idea of what they will get for their money.

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    Think of "teaser" when writing these descriptions. A good description gives a hint about your product. It makes the reader curious, but it leaves a gap - a little mystery - instead of revealing everything.
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    You can add as many chapters as you need. Just duplicate the entire columns row to add new chapters/modules and adjust the text accordingly. The list shouldn't feel endlessly long, but don't shy away from presenting a dozen chapters.

Pablo Valente //  Author

I studied in Cornell and Esade, I made my experience working in Ritz-Carlton, Melià and IHG, starting from the bottom to Senior Managment

I've been in your shoes already, and I know the feeling. It took me time to realise the importance of knowing the different stages, and how to combine knowledge with experience. 

Now I want to share my knowledge with you, I created this course for you, and all those things that I learned are at your disposition. Take it. It's time to take action.

Pablo Valente

Join Over 3,000 Happy Customers

Best part of the testimonials goes here...

Display testimonials here and make them more skimmable by adding a teaser or the best part from the testimonial as a headline. A good testimonial can make all the difference to your conversion rates.

Julia Stone  //  Blogger

The best kinds of testimonials are...

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Peter Dawson  //  It Consultant

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5 Simple Steps to...

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Pablo Valente

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